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Music at the Blissful is a fun and entertaining music performance that children of all ages will adore! Evan does an amazing job engaging audience members in the songs and dances, getting them singing along or up on their feet moving and grooving; even the adults get into it and have a great time. We've hosted Music at the Blissful twice so far and look forward to working with Evan many more times in the future. -Meredith (Librarian)

When we were planning our twins 5th birthday, Evan’s interactive musical performance was a no brainer. He immediately found a way to make every child in the room feel special, engaging each one in an opening song. The passion and enthusiasm he brings to every song and every activity is contagious, getting not only the children, but also the parents and everyone in the room involved. If you’re looking for an easy and fun main attraction for your next event or party, Evan is it.  Debra  (parent)

Evan’s performance for our daughter’s birthday was fantastic.  He is truly gifted at connecting with children and getting them engaged.  Looking around at not only the kids, but parents as well - we witnessed a room of huge smiles. Leo (parent)

Evan is a pleasure to work with and entertained families for our entire program with music, dance, games, and fun! He knows how to keep kids engaged and create a fun environment for any theme. We love working with Evan and look forward to working together again and again! -Alyssa (Library Manager and Family Connector)

We absolutely love having Mr. Evan for our kids' birthday parties.  We describe him to friends as a local "Raffi."  He does a phenomenal job with children, memorizing their names, shifting gears to pivot to the desires or mood of the birthday girl/guy, and is hands on with helping.  He's laid back, professional, and the kids LOVE to dance and sing and jump and stomp to his music.  10/10 would recommend.

Emily (Parent)

Evan is magical!  He is incredibly tuned-in to the children and what they need at any given moment.  Instinctively, he knows when to speed things up and when to slow things down.  He comes equipped with kid-friendly props, such as colorful egg shakers and bubbles and animal puppets.  He even builds in social time, so that the children get comfortable interacting with one another.  Every moment with Evan is a teachable moment, and a fun one, too! Heidi (Family Program Coordinator)



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